MSIH Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Upcoming events: 

EM Refresher Course (M1)                                                                           Place and Time TBA 

Sports Medicine Talk                                                                                  

June 9, 2011 (12-1 PM)                                                                              616 Internal Medicine Building

Please check back for future events. 

Other Opportunities

To get started with an alumni mentor, EM research, or shadowing in the department, please email 

There will be EKG training for first years in fall 2010. Once you are trained, previous student volunteers will escort you on your first shift in the ER as an introduction to the staff and facilities. This is an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the ER while making an important contribution to the team. Volunteering in the ER is flexible around your schedule and is a great way to practice Hebrew. Additionally, most of the staff speaks English and can help you navigate the language barrier when necessary. Before heading down to the ER, please read these instructions and review useful phrases for performing an EKG in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. 

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